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Time Trials

Central Bucks East HS
Date:  October 18th, 2014
Time:  TBD

  • All CBAC swimmers 14 and younger as of October 31, 2014 should attend time trials.
  • This includes CBAC swimmers who also swim US.
  • High school swimmers are not required to attend time trials even if they are swimming 14 and under this season.


Swimmer registration deadline is August 15, 2014

Click here to access the portal and register your swimmer(s).  You need to sign your swimmer(s) IN or OUT.


It is expected that every swimmer can provide a parent volunteer at time trials. If you cannot volunteer, email the Girls Rep for both boys and girls for time trials only.

Volunteer assignments will be done through the portal and will be available on ________

Click here to access the portal and confirm your volunteer position.  Understand that you cannot choose a volunteer position, you will be assigned, and you must confirm you availability by selection YES or NO.

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